View Full Version : DerbyJackpot & Youth Bettors

01-27-2017, 11:38 PM
As anyone knows Horse Racing is getting farther out of touch with the youth, just because Horse Racing never has nothing new.

However I'll give props to XpressBet introducing DerbyJackpot. My friends and me personally love wagering on DerbyJackpot. Things like the Jackpot, Slot Style Wagering, & The Easiness Is What I Enjoy. Not to mention the instant withdraws, bonuses, and they accept Paypal(just about everybody uses now).

Imo tracks should introduce a wager kinda like how the DerbyJackpot has to offer. Pick 3 Show Bets, 3 Place Bets, and 3 Win Bets. Bettors will not know which tracks and races will be the next available bet. This will create huge pools. Its something fun, cheap, and highly rewarding. Youth don't do exotics. From what I seen there WPS bettors.

If anybody has never tried it out below is the link(not a referral link)
Take A Tour At DerbyJackpot (http://derby.com/i/jansens)