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Dave Schwartz
01-24-2017, 10:54 PM
http://www.practicalhandicapping.com/desktop/package/Products/DSOs/DSO-02/DSO-Graphic-02.jpg (http://store.pacemakestherace.com/organize-your-handicapping-dso/)

http://www.practicalhandicapping.com/desktop/package/PMTR_Store/Org_Hcp/Slide3.JPG (http://store.pacemakestherace.com/organize-your-handicapping-dso/)

02-08-2017, 03:50 AM
This is another worthwhile product from Dave. I tend to be a pretty disorganized bettor - handicapping between races means I sometimes lose track of some of the important details and that costs me money.

While I haven't implemented everything that Dave includes in this Seminar (it's long and contains a lot of material) just the first section has already been helpful by helping to identify the contenders in a logical way, then pick the two best. I've done this in a spreadsheet and it really keep things straight for me. Not that I bet all these horses, but when I go back to the form with this data in front of me I can make better decisions.

Something that probably would be apparent to most people but I had never really paid a lot of attention to popped right out at me after comparing the spreadsheets with the results. When I was looking at handicapping mdn races the horses that came up with the highest scores were really not great bets if they'd had more that a few starts, especially when using any kind of power figure like bris prime power to weight the horses. (droppers not included)

I'm not a chalk player and this gives me a clue to going against these kinds of horses. I had 5 of 6 in the P6 going into the last race at SA last week, I had two of these heavy hitters in the 9th, one ran last and the other 3rd. Going with or adding in the 3rd choice that had fewer points and starts would have been the play. Easy to see after the fact but that got me looking at the results of some other mdn races and it held up pretty much.

Anyhow, having an easy way to keep some records and compare them to the results is a dramatic change for me. The only records I have are my Twin Spires account.

Every seminar I've gotten from Dave has provided at least one tool that I still use and I am definitely a better horse player. (but not a writer)

Thanks Dave.