View Full Version : Who pays for drug testing?

01-18-2017, 02:54 PM

New York state would stop paying costs associated with equine drug testing in the horse racing industry, under a proposal from Gov. Andrew Cuomo in his new 2017 state budget plan. The plan would save the state $4.5 million by shifting the testing costs onto "those that actually participate in horse racing.''

Why not got one step further and have the owners pay for the testing. That would shift the testing costs to those who actually cheat by drugging their horses."

Tracks don't drug....why should they pay?

01-18-2017, 05:42 PM
Pretty sure in NY some of the takeout does (or did) go to drug testing. Something like .7%? Another 1.5% funds the racing commission I believe. I could be wrong Im pretty sure I saw it a couple years ago. I also think CA racing did something similar with the take paying for drug testing.