View Full Version : R Rodriguez a study at Aqueduct since November 2016

12-25-2016, 12:22 PM
So far R Rodriguez is giving you your money back per $2 win wager you made $1.20 on your money if you played all of his horses to win






You are actually getting a 7% return per $2 show wager you made $15.40 on each of his horses since November 4th 2016 so show wagering is giving a higher return than win wagering on his horses for the same time period

His returns would have been much better were it not for the very bad decision on December 18th to enter 8 horses where only 3 hit the board with only 1 winner paying $6.90

Interesting to note that since the start of the inner Dirt in Claiming races his horses have done quite well you are getting over 100% return per $2 win wager you made $21.10 if you played all of his horses to win in Claiming races so far on the inner Dirt


This seems to be where you are getting the best bang for your buck

Let's see what he does in Claiming races this season on the inner Dirt at Aqueduct!!!