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12-15-2016, 02:40 PM
I'm pretty sure the next software program coming out is going to be PACE VIEW EXOTIC. The original prototype some of you may have seen (or already used) I called the "Green Monster" there for the taking. It works--it only has one "mode": POWER. It did score a pick-4 ticket in the contest @ AQ last weekend on a $54 ducat. Help yourself---I gotta tell you, the new prog will knock your socks off

The second freebie is not my program--it's Mr Colt Cannon's RACE PROPHET. He's a former member here...I don't know what the prog sold for originally--but later on he was kind enough to give it away gratis. I sent an email to his listed address to thank him--unfortunately no response.

Directions are in the brief "help" section...along with a question titled "HOW CAN I BUY RACE PROPHET?"...and the answer: "YOU CAN'T--IT'S FREE"
Explore all the different parts of this program---very cool.

And finally--a standard but totally handy wager calculator. I use this for the Pick-4's...find out how much that $1 - 2x2x4x4 is gonna cost? says right there $64.00 Click the button and copy to clipboard.

One thing....My website isn't like Gumroad or E-Junkies...where I can dispense 1 file at a time. They're all right there like a buffet. If someone wanted to ...they could click 'em all..and leave nothing for anyone else.
Don't do that---please.

If you find any one of them empty---shoot me an email, I'll send you what was empty and refill it ASAP.

*ps --my new program EXOTIC 2017 will be available EOY. First person to put $35 in my tip jar gets the first one. The second person gets..well, the second one LOL


12-15-2016, 02:46 PM
They are exe files zipped.....if your anti-virus won't allow you to download--and you don't know your work-around, I can't help you with that.

Here's what I get with any exe file....what I do is shut Panda off...download the file...turn the antivirus back on..it scans the file --end of story. If I let my antivirus run my life I wouldn't get much done. What I really need to do is tweak the settings---that's up to the user

Best of luck


12-16-2016, 01:14 PM
We not too start using track master files with all these files