View Full Version : Overlay Publications Cyber-Monday Sale!!

11-28-2016, 01:00 AM
From 12:01 AM (Eastern Standard Time) until Midnight (Pacific Standard Time), Monday, 28 November, the value package of all Overlay Publications titles (that normally sell individually for $125.00, or as a package for $60.00) will be on sale for only $45.00 -- a savings of 25% off the regular package price, and over 60% off their individual purchase prices! (PLUS, the supplemental titles Quick-Line and Quick-Bet will be included FREE with every order!)

Hundreds of PA posters have previously ordered these titles. But, since there are over 65,000 PA members, there might be at least a FEW who haven't yet checked out the Overlay Publications website. Get your handicapping off to a flying start in 2017! Go to http://www.overlaypublications.com NOW to see what customers are saying, and to take advantage of this limited-time offer! (Prices will never be lower!)