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11-03-2016, 04:08 PM
So, the market isn't down all that much today (NASDAQ is down the most @ around 35 points, but the DOW is down less than 20 points), but the VIX is UP over 2 points???!!!! Is that right, or is my data feed wonky?

Holy cow... :eek:

11-03-2016, 04:10 PM
I guess I should read this as there is some serious hedging to the downside going on in case Trump wins? :lol:

Ocala Mike
11-05-2016, 03:39 PM
Yes, the market will hiccup next week in one direction or the other depending on what happens 11/8 - 11/9.

11-05-2016, 05:24 PM
Yes, the market will hiccup next week in one direction or the other depending on what happens 11/8 - 11/9.

I think you'll see volatility wth a Trump win but even with the last 9 market days a Clinton win is still priced in.

Upside is minimal. The short term downside is larger if Trump manages to thread the needle.

I don't believe that anyone with a long term horizon needs to worry either way. But if Clinton wins, the relief rally won't be much to write about.

11-06-2016, 11:54 PM
On Friday advancing volume exceeded declining volume even though the S&P was down slightly. That signaled to me a rally on Monday.

The S&P futures are up 26.50 tonight. The DOW is up 216 and rising.

I put in some speculative stock orders tonight on 4 different companies. I hope they get filled first thing in the morning and that they make a big jump. I will exit right away if I can get 20% or greater in one day.

All the stocks are priced under $4.00 per share, but have reasonable fundamentals -- they're the best mediocre stocks I could find.

Should be an interesting couple of trading days. Love volatility! :cool:

11-07-2016, 12:01 PM
I don't get it really...was this market going down because the prospects of Trump were increasing after the FBI memo? And did the market gap up big time this morning (and is continuing to rise as I type this) because the FBI said "no biggie" on the batch of "new" emails?


They were that convinced Clinton was in trouble all last week, and NOW, only a day or two before the election, when it's quite DOUBTFUL the Sunday announcement from the FBI will change all that many votes, we see a pretty gigantic reversal?

Doesn't make much sense to me...might be time to buy some very cheap puts in the event of what is seen by the market as an extremely unlikely Trump victory. If it's going to move like this on pure speculation, I can only imagine how much it will move should unlikely reality strike.