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11-03-2016, 12:53 PM
What did your homework on AQU main IN NOV show you Oracle?


I did some digging I looked at R R Rodriguez at Aqueduct on the Main track in November and December going back to 2012.

It seems his returns across the board have been pretty consistent in Allowance Optional Claiming* races

R R Rodriguez horses have had consistent positive returns in Allowance Optional Claiming races going back to 2012 with the exception of 2014.

2012 Alw Opt Clm*


In 2012, R R Rodriguez horses gave you a 26% return across the board in Allowance Optional Claiming races and his hit rate in the money was 62%

2013 Alw Opt Clm*



In 2013 once again, in Allowance Optional Claiming races you got a 31% return across the board with his horses at a hit rate of 64%

2014 Alw Opt Clm*


In 2014 the returns were just horrible you got a -68% return on your money across the board but he only entered 9 horses. It was as if he had no interest in Allowance Optional Claiming races for this year

2015 Alw Opt Clm*


Fast forward to 2015 and once again his horses in Allowance Optional Claiming races gave you a 63% return with a hit rate of 71% in the money

In 3 out of the last 4 years, R R Rodriguez's horses have given positive returns in Allowance Optional Claiming races for some unknown reason

Consistency with positive returns is extremely rare especially on a yearly basis

The only thing that is consistent are losses so what his horses are doing in Allowance Optional Claiming races is quite exceptional

I don't know if he can keep this up for 2016 but I will have a very watchful eye on his Allowance Optional Claimers for 2016!!!

*I group any Optional Claiming (i.e. Starter Optional Claiming, Optional Claiming, etc.) as Allowance Optional Claiming

11-03-2016, 05:08 PM
He has these Allowance Optional Claiming races tomorrow

8th race
#1 Captain Gaughen

9th race
#2 Summer Revolution
#4 Voluntario

Let's see if he can hit the board with these!!!

11-04-2016, 08:01 PM
What did your homework on AQU main IN NOV show you Oracle?

Hey bro,

In the 8th race #1 Captain Gaughen was off the board

But in the 9th race these ran one two together in the exacta
#4 Voluntario
#2 Summer Revolution

Did you make any money #4 Voluntario paid $19.10 across the board