View Full Version : R R Rodriguez November Claimers @Dirt @Aqueduct since 2013 -- some fast starts!!!

10-30-2016, 02:10 PM
R R Rodriguez Claimers at Aqueduct on the Dirt in November seem to get off to a fast start since 2013 his Claimers have been yielding steady profits across the board per $2 win, place and show wager


In 2013, his Claimers in November won 6 out of 12 races on the Dirt giving you a 63% return per $2 win wager



In 2014, his November Claimers only won 4 out of 17 races on the Dirt but still managed to show a profit due to a $20 number on November 10th


In 2015, his November Claimers on the Dirt won 5 out of the last 6 races on the Dirt although they were mostly favorites you still got an 82% return per $2 win wager.

I will watch his Aqueduct Claimers on the Dirt to see if they continue with that fast start, however it looks like this year most likely won't be as profitable as last year