View Full Version : True Trainer Champ @ Saratoga by WPS returns 35 starts or better -- H G Motion!!

09-08-2016, 12:56 PM
Based on return on investment* per $2 wager to win, place and show.

The best Trainer in my opinion for the betting public at Saratoga with 35 starts or better was H G Motion!!!

I really thought J C Englehart would have had the best returns across the board at Saratoga but H G Motion had a very strong September for the betting public based on $2 wagers across the board!!!


Although I didn't like his win, place, show percentage which was at 51.3% but he gave the best return on investment per $2 win, place and show wager!!!

He gave you a 40% return on investment per $2 wager across the board, $2 win bets got you a 67% return on your money!!!

*Coupled entries were treated as separate betting interests

09-09-2016, 10:29 AM
J C Englehart was in my opinion the second best Trainer for the betting public at Saratoga per $2 wager across the board!!!


To me his horses were the most consistent in terms of hitting the board and his win prices were all under $20 he didn't have the benefit of a big win payout to inflate his returns!!!

Interesting to note, that you got more money playing his horses to show than you did playing them to win per $2 wager which is very rare you just don't come across that type of value from a Trainer with 40+ starts!!!