View Full Version : More strange stats at Saratoga ML 3/1s @1 Mile or better last year

07-18-2016, 11:44 PM
I love the anomalies and of all the anomalies I've seen this has to be the closest to 100% in the money over a short period of time with at least 20 attempts or more.

The morning line 3/1s at Saratoga last year going 1 Mile or better on the Dirt finished in the money 91.6% of the time 22 out of 24 hit the board giving a return of 71% per $2 wager to win place and show


Unfortunately you never know when the next set of coincidences will occur or how long they will last.

It's like trying to catch sand it slips through your fingers by the time you try to grab a hold of it and you're lucky to come away with a few grains of sand for your effort.