View Full Version : US IN RUNNING... REALLY...REALLY BF?

05-21-2016, 07:27 PM
Is this the US in running that was supposed to change bettors ability to wager? If your expected to trade on this market you are in deep trouble. I have been viewing the in-running markets. 1) NO MONEY! There is scraps, every race, pennies to be made.. 2) They suspend the market before the wire.. (I know about feed speed, please don't tell me that) 3) If by chance there is money early, they cancel all the money half way into the race... 4) TVG has the guts to advertise this product aggressively. Yes we all know if it sucks you do not have to wager... Fair enough but it is mind blowing that BF would offer a relatively new way of trading and not put up any money in the market to back and lay. We all know they do this prior to the race. Why not during? They have the fastest feed. They suspend the markets exactly on time from what i see.. Put some money in the markets... or please get rid of them!