View Full Version : D Jacobson Claimers better returns when less than 1 mile @Dirt @AQU @2015 -- so far!!

11-10-2015, 11:58 PM
D Jacobson's Claimers when going at distances less than 1 mile at Aqueduct in 2015 so far have given a return of 5% on your money since January so you are just about getting your money back whether you play to win or across the board for the minimum $2 wager.

http://www.insidethenumbers.net/images/comments/d jacobsonclmaqu.jpg

However, since March 22nd there was a definite spike in the returns for his Claimers going less than 1 mile on the Dirt you got a 39% return across the board for the minimum $2 wager to win, place and show!!

http://www.insidethenumbers.net/images/comments/d jacobsonmaraqu.jpg

Now when you compare this to his Claimers going 1 mile or over there is a huge difference in returns. The returns for his Claimers running at longer distances were negative

http://www.insidethenumbers.net/images/comments/d jacobsonmlovrclm.jpg

Also, he doesn't run as many Claimers going 1 mile or over as he does in sprints. Only 20 of his Claimers ran at 1 mile or better compared to 49 of them that ran in sprints.

It looks as if he is a better investment with his Claimers in sprint races rather than in route races.

That said I'm hoping #7 Bird Prince either wins or comes second tomorrow but it's the old Aqueduct 1st race trap with the favorite and we know how that goes because he will be heavily bet tomorrow!!

Let's see what happens and if he can extend his across the board streak since April 12th to 11 Claimers in a row hitting the board in sprint races!!!

Although a show finish would be very disappointing !!!

Let's see what happens!!!

11-11-2015, 09:35 AM
I repeated lines 42 through 44 I will fix that shortly.

11-11-2015, 12:22 PM
It should be good now

11-12-2015, 12:30 AM
Well #7 Bird Prince came through as a Claimer for D Jacobson and paid $13.30 across the board!!!

http://www.insidethenumbers.net/images/comments/d jacobsonmaraqustrk.jpg

I didn't expect that he would have paid that much across the board at 2/1 in the Morning Line!!!

Congratulations to those who saw the play and were able to make a profit!!!

I didn't notice he also had another Claimer in the 3rd race that ran thrid #6 All Mine Tonight this makes 11 straight for him that have hit the board in Claiming races on the Dirt going less than 1 Mile at Aqueduct since April 12th.

He does not have any Claimers tomorrow!!!

I will keep an eye on this play for the rest of the Aqueduct season on the Main Track!!!

12-03-2015, 10:16 PM
Since this post D Jacobson's Claimers have now won 4 of their last 7 races on the Dirt going less than 1 Mile at Aqueduct.

http://www.insidethenumbers.net/images/comments/d jacob clmrsnovtwlv.jpg

Since April 12th, 16 of the last 19 of his Claimers have hit the board going less than 1 Mile on the Dirt with 10 wins up to today!!!

http://www.insidethenumbers.net/images/comments/d jacob clmrsaprtwlv.jpg

If you go back to March 22nd of this year 26 out of the last 29 of his Claimers have hit the board in this situation with 16 wins during that stretch!!!

http://www.insidethenumbers.net/images/comments/d jacob clmrsmaraqu.jpg

I let these 4 winners get away from me towards the end of the month in November:
#3 McKenzies Way
#7 Mordis Miracle
#7 Touching My Toes
#6 Eighty Three

I will pay closer attention to this situation for the month of December, so far, this is where he seems to be doing his best work!!!