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10-25-2015, 08:09 PM
This system is for claiming races only not opt-clm or Alw not even mdclm
OK this is it 1st go to Equibase yes you can download the free app from Google play store
Now click on Entries get the track an race then click on Snapshot we want only 4 columns
Days off / Earning / Earnings per start / Finish last start. now to sort them click on heading to
Rate them from top-bottom we want the top-4 for each column now all you have to do is add some points. The points> 1st=5pts / 2nd=4pts / 3rd=3pts / 4th=2pts
OK to get the play you want to find the horse with a min of 13pts or 14pts Nothing lower then that got it...
Here is today plays
Lrl. R2/#2 (2nd) 1-1-1-2 =19 pts
Lrl. R5/#1 (1st). 1-1-2-1 =19 pts
Bel R5/#5 (3rd) 1-1-4-1 =17 pts
Prx R5/#5 (2nd) 2-4-2-1 =15 pts
Gg. R5/#6 (2nd) 2-1-1-4 =16 pts. #5(out) 3-3-2-3 =13 pts
Tup R6/#1 (1st) 1-1-1-3 =18 pts
Thats all to it
PS: don't like to do the work go to site yes you can buy daily only
Thank you all