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10-18-2015, 08:54 PM
What particular in this report do any of you guys find insightful Avg And best late pace ratings in routes so far for me.

Capper Al
10-19-2015, 10:42 AM
What particular in this report do any of you guys find insightful Avg And best late pace ratings in routes so far for me.

Pandy, here in PA, has written a lot about how to use BRIS' Ultimate Summary.

10-19-2015, 12:44 PM
I think NorCalGreg re-acquainted me with BRIS. The Summary about matches my own Total Pace rating. if you add the pace and speed together in the summary many times it's in Ascending order. Yet, the Prime Power can be in a different order????? I always had a problem with the Summary blanks, I still do a little. NorCaLGreg explained how he processes it, I don't recall the detail.

Example: Parx Race 4 today the #9 Summary is a blank , his Prime Power ranking #2. I would prefer summary ratings in italics for #9 type horses, horse never on turf , or never competed at the distance.

And when these #9's types win it's always a very good price. Now when I see a Horse like the #9 I look at his 6f speed figures and workouts.

On turf or maiden I don't care about Prime Power, except G1,G2 racing. On dirt I like the top 4-5 Prime Power's as a cutoff. The Prime Powers are very effective at G1,G2 level racing.

oh and those star thingies? hit and miss. basically the more stars then he's probably low chalk.

and for me, Race Shapes are hit and miss as well. But I have to take another look at them in a different light. Maybe I'm not processing them properly.

10-19-2015, 01:27 PM
This is exactly how I play using the Bris Summary---to give credit where it's due--I did sorta learn the basic concept from Pandy's paper and pencil method on the Bris Summary--This was a post on the HTW thread last week concerning Santa Anita:

In the 8th, SRU? One horse jumped out in the 8th. Let me run down to you how I 'cap when I don't have a straight up angle.

I'm not trying to give any lessons okay---this is just what I personally do:

Bris summary shows the top E-1 AVG is CHROMIUM (of the major players) with 89--& top E-2 with 91, is also CHROMIUM. He AVGS a positive turn time, no one else does. He's back in 15 days, so we can assume his condition is good. He's 7/2 ML, but NOT the ML fav, the ml fav has the wrong running style for this. Another horse, SILVER SUMMER,
has good looking bris pace figs avg for this dist/surf, a huge prime power adv, and is 4-1 ML, but is back in 33 days, so I'll use him in an exacta box with CHROMIUM.
So $15W on the :5: and $2 EX Box :5: :6: If this blows up in my face--I'm out $19 American

*and the result

5 -CHROMIUM 8.60 4.40 2.80
6 -SILVER SUMMER 4.20 2.40

$2 EXACTA 5-6 PAID $38.60

some are as easy as this one---most are not

10-19-2015, 02:34 PM
2-8-3-6/10 straight only using Bris Pace,speed and a class formula I devised. 2x that 2 backed off on the 8.. The paper and ink work is boring.

10-20-2015, 11:24 PM
more insight would come from users of this .....guess not :confused:

10-21-2015, 02:01 AM
more insight would come from users of this .....guess not :confused:

Racey, the track and race type dictate what's gonna be important-- it's not enough to say okay, routes--I need to look at who's on top LATE. I was just looking @ Hawthorne--you can just look at a race and see it's a mess. Horses w/huge early pace figs, others monster late figs, some both- but earned on turf, some look good but havent raced or worked, etc.

Most important first stat to look at, for me.....is the race SPEED BIAS. It's right there at the top. My handicapping is weak in a lot of areas, but I can cover the holes with speed and pace 'capping with the Summary. I try to find tracks with a big sprint speed bias, like the Los Al t-bred meet. Some races the Bias was over 90%! Hard to screw that up. Zia right now some sprints show a huge speed bias. GGF is opening up again--even with the Tapeta, speed rules.
So what's important to me, are in this order..SPEED BIAS--DAYS SINCE LAST--RUN STYLE--AVG DIST/SURF PACE-SPEED(esp e-1, e-2 when only 1 horse is tops in both AND positive)--QUIRIN PTS---R1 R2---And all the columns below those EXCEPT Back Speed, but ESPECIALLY Prime Power.

good luck

10-21-2015, 08:39 AM
NCG is right that the track dictates what to use.
A few years ago at AQ inner in Feb all you had to was box the top 3 late no matter the distance. I hit a ton of exactas then it stopped working. Another time the current class had the winner in top 3 .It changes.