View Full Version : Exchange Betting

08-31-2015, 07:29 AM
I don't see a thread about this subject so I though that I would bring up the issue. First of all, does anyone know of an exchange betting site for horses that accepts Americans? I certainly can't find one. Ehorse was once an exchange site but has reformatted to a traditional bookmaking site the last time that I looked. I have always found the low takeout of exchange betting to be an attractive feature. The gouging of American horseplayers through increased takeout has been relentless. The solution for track owners to stagnant and declining handle has almost always involved takeout hikes rubber stamped by the states. I understand that a site like Ehorse was and is operating outside of the law and that exchange betting contributes nothing to purses. On the other hand, horse racing tournaments and fantasy stables don't seem like they are contributing to purses and they appear to be very legal. If they are actually giving to purses through a percentage of tournament fees, I stand corrected since I have no interest in and no knowledge about a site like DerbyWars. It would be nice to have the exchange betting option in races that I have a strong negative opinion about the favorite but no real opinion about which opponent will win, a race that I might otherwise pass.