View Full Version : Help with Pick 6 Selector

07-09-2015, 07:56 PM

I have been enjoying the Pick 6 discussions over on GENERAL and have the pick 6 fever myself. I hit a big one this year and have had many close calls. Because my budget is modest I started with the Rainbow, but now have expanded to some small tickets based on a $2 base and have had some success (5 of 6). I want to build a database and selection macro that takes my graded selections A, B, C with longshot bomb D pick, and generates a random ticket based on either a $2 or $.20 base , with a dollar limit to control cost. Has anyone done something similar in ACCESS?

Attached is my starting base table with some simulated selections. I capture up to two A B C picks, with a longshot bomb D pick where I spot one. When I have a strong opinion I leave the B, C, D columns blank. I can easily crank out the top A, / A B selections with a query, but that is not random (lottery style) and I can do that on paper. How can I generate a pick using randomness (mix and match) that may help me stumble into a winner where my logical choices have been falling a little short?

Appreciate any help and feel free to private message..