View Full Version : Software wins 1,2,3 @ HPWS

03-30-2015, 05:18 PM
The 1st three places at the just-completed Handicappers World Series were ALL users of the HTR software! 734 entries, Total Pool of $660,000. Win--$264,000, 2d--$99,090-- 3d--$46,000. There were at least a dozen other HTR users in top 50. Tournament paid through 60th place, and there was also a total of $16,700 in day money paid EACH of the 3 days of the Tournament (1st=$8,800/ 2d=$4,400/3d=$3,500)

Disclosure: I have absolutely no connection with HTR or its purveyor, Ken Massa. I am not a tournament player. I AM a happy user of the software. I've been using Computer Handicapping programs for 30+ years, have tried many---I'd not now use anything but HTR.