View Full Version : Jewels from my eighty-something neighbor at the mail box:

Tape Reader
11-03-2014, 11:27 PM
She: Just saw “Force du jour”. Camera work was great.

Me: Probably “GoPro” stuff.

She: What’s that? I explain. Should I buy the stock?

Me: I beg off saying that someone on TV said some bad stuff.

She: I don’t care about what those idiots say.

Me: I apologize for mentioning it. (She knows I’m a technician.)

Me: It’s in an uptrend.

She: Now you’re talking*

She: Thanks. BTW, I just bought another 200 shares of AAPL for my nephew’s college fund.

Me: Nice Aunt!

* She attributes most of her investing success to IBD and a MACD book.