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10-02-2014, 11:07 PM
I have 16 racing books for sale and will be adding some more.

If you're interested you can buy them here: http://www.the-exchg.com

We just switched servers and the security certificate has not been set up. So ignore that warning.

You'll need to open an account in order to make a bid. You can bid the asking price or make a lower offer. You can also retract your bid at any time. You can also change your bid -- raise or lower it.

I set the asking price to about the same prices that can be found on Amazon. Shipping is free to the U.S. addresses. If you want a book shipped outside the U.S. we can talk by email to work out the shipping costs.

Hint: If you make a lower offer, I just might take you up on it. ;)

IMPORTANT: The website is still being beta tested and is buggy. If you want to bid on some of the books private message me for details on how to go about it. But don't worry. If something goes wrong with your order, I won't hold you to it and you won't lose your money.

Here is the list:

Betting at the Racetrack (Hausch and Ziemba 1985 8.5" x 11" Large Format Paperback Rare) $69.00

Betting On Myself (Steve Crist Hardcover read once) $11.99

Bruno On Workouts -- Exposing the Mystery (Bruno DeJulio 2005 paperback used) $59.00

Dave Litfin's Expert Handicapping (Hardcover 1985 read once) $11.99

Dr. Z's 6/49 Lotto Guidebook (Ziemba, et al, 1986 new) $129.00

Efficiency of Racetrack Betting Markets (Hausch, Lo and Ziemba 2008 Edition Hardcover new) $200.00

Finding Hot Horses (Paperback -- March 31, 1989 used) $8.99

Handbook of Sports and Lottery Markets (Hausch and Ziemba 2008 Hardcover new) $200

Olmsted's Complete Handicapper -- The Professional Horseplayer's Resource Guide (Paperback -- January 1, 1995 used) $63.00

Professional Care of the Racehorse: A Guide to Grooming, Feeding, and Handling the Equine Athlete (Paperback -- April 1, 2006 new) $20.99

Real-Life Handicapping (Dave Litfin 1997 Paperback read once) $13.99

Scientific Handicapping: Tested Way to Win at the Race Track (1972 Paperback used) $10.99

The Analysis of Sports Forecasting: Modeling Parallels between Sports Gambling and Financial Markets (Hardcover -- December 3, 2000 used) $300.00

The Compleat Horseplayer (David Edelman, Ph.D. 2000 Paperback new) $99.00

The Principles of Combination Handicapping: Methods of Isolating Superior and Inferior Racehorse Performance (Paperback -- January 1, 1996 used) $69.00

Workouts and Maidens (Paperback -- November 17, 2003 used) $9.99

10-27-2014, 09:16 PM
ihave the matchup2 thefive approachby jimbradshaw ibelive there limited copies made the book iwould like to trade for dannyholmes ten step to winning 2003 copie if interested pm me