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Ted Craven
07-19-2014, 12:14 AM
This is a reply to a comment about pay-as-you-go handicapping software (and RDSS in particular), posted in another current thread (http://www.paceadvantage.com/forum/showthread.php?p=1680518#post1680518)

I completely understand. Ken has said the same thing and I'm sure JCapper and RDSS would too. But as a former daily player who will get back to that level sometime in the near future, if there was something available to me now on a al a carte basis I'd buy it and the vendor would end up making out in the long run.

Just for clarity, RDSS costs $100 per year (a software subscription), and you can buy data from TrackMaster:

- by the card ($2.00 each)
- by the month ($30 for 20 cards = $1.50 each)
- or various flavours of Unlimited data pricing (some of which dispense with the annual software subscription)

Here are full pricing and sign-up details: www.rdss2.com/how-to-obtain (http://www.rdss2.com/how-to-obtain)

Some people have happily used RDSS for 7 years now, and thus have paid me $700 so far. The happier they are - ongoing - the more I get paid. I make money from the data too.

Some people play weekends only, so pay-as-you-go suits them. Some are seasonal players and let their subscriptions lapse for a while then resume it when it suits them. Some are daily players, some professionals. Etc ...

You can try out the full software free for 30 days, with free access to thousands of past races. TrackMaster offers an unconditional satisfaction guarantee for their data. If you win a P.A.C.S. Contest prize, you can get free Unlimited data for a few months.

In the mid-1990's Dr Sartin hooked up with TrackMaster, in part because they offered this pay-as-you-go pricing alternative. When I updated his older software, I continued using TrackMaster, partly for the same reasons.

A by-product of applying the Sartin Methodology in handicapping and wagering on horse races is - success in horse racing. Many long-time adherents, however, would tell you the primary benefit is a deeper understanding of oneself, a sense of accomplishment in even the partial mastery of this difficult though rewarding human competitive and psychological endeavour - the ability to 'predict the future' and the sense of wonderment at doing that.

To quote Dr Sartin from the inside page of every Follow Up (http://sartinmethodology.com/The-Match-Up) journal:STATEMENT OF POLICY
The Sartin Methodology is based in Psychotherapy and its goals are NOT directed toward fostering the illusions or delusions of gamblers seeking magic solutions for picking winners. We are primarily a healing arts organization dedicated to providing an alternative solution to mainstream psychiatry's prescription of total abstinence for non-winning handicappers. Our slogan is - and always has been -

While the professional is surely in it 'for the money', often 'the little guy' is in it for the adventure, for the challenge and the entertainment, and also for a bit of money. Pay-as-you-go is a functional solution which can make top-rate handicapping tools accessible to more people. Although to be truthful, the cost of software and data is the least of the true costs for mastery in this game - the primary cost being your valuable time, and the mind-set you bring to it (or are prepared to develop as you go along).

Thanks for listening.