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04-09-2014, 05:21 PM
I've been doing more Mobile wagering lately.

I happen to have an Android, a Blackberry Legacy, and a new Windows Phone. I also have a Tablet I use as well, but am now using the Tablet more for Handicapping and placing bets via the Mobile device.

After using Xpressbes, TwinSpires and TVG all on my phones and tablet, I have some conclusions. Using these on a smartphone is VASTLY different from a Laptop or Desktop. Even on a regular computer, I see big differences between the platforms regarding POP UPS and adjacent screens that require input. I have some definite opinions on whom I would use with a Laptop or Desktop, but this thread is for mobile.


TwinSpires is by far the winner for easiest to use on a mobile device for me.
On my Android or WindowsPhone it shines. You get nice easy to read graphics, and an easy betting platform that you can actually SEE and understand. Everything is laid out well, and you even get a running horse Icon when you enter something and it is processing so that you know it is trying to accept your input. There are no crazy POP UP windows or anything like that to distract you. For me it's TwinSpires for the WIN on my Mobile Devices.

TVG is the next best. There are a few confusing entry areas, and you are taken to different screens at times to input. It's not as fluid as TwinSpires, but it works well and I can navigate through it fairly easily. TwinSpires has me spoiled, but I could use TVG if I had to full time and get by with it. The graphics are not as slick as TwinSpires, but the UI is decent enough and fairly well thought out.

Xpressbet is confusing in my opinion. I have to be careful with what I am entering and at times, especially with exotic wagers, it can become confusing and you have to really pay attention to what is going on during the wagering process. There is no CLEAR path in my mind to wagering. You have to follow the process that Xpressbet sets for you and it's not intuitive in my opinion.

BLACKBERRY LEGACY DEVICES are a totally different race altogether.
If you have a Blackberry Legacy device (older model with a Keyboard) you have ONE choice. Xpressbet. ONLY EXPRESSBET offers Blackberry ADW via an actual BlackBerry Application that you can download to your Blackberry.
It's actually VERY easy to use and VERY slick. I'd rank it with TVG as far as superior Mobile Device use for wagering.
You can't really just go to a mobile website on your Legacy Blackberry because the screen is far too small and you won't be able to navigate clearly. The XpressBet BlackBerry App changes this dynamic and you get clear, concise presentation of wagering options presented to you intuitively. If I only had a Blackberry, It would definitely be XpressBet Mobile Blackberry for the WIN here! There is no other choice, so it's an easy WIN.

On any device (other than Legacy BlackBerry) you will have to navigate your devices web browser to the mobile address of each ADW. TwinSpires is easy with an "M." in front of their address. TVG has a "Mobile." in front of their address. XpressBet on Mobile (other than Blackberry) uses a totally different address for mobile with "xb-online.com/xmobile" and some Cysco extensions behind it. You get the address by browsing the full XpressBet website.

Taking out the BlackBerry App on XpressBet, My new Nokia WindowsPhone with the TwinSpires Mobile site on the browser absolutely shines here and takes the WIN. The experience is awesome. PLACE goes to TVG Mobile, and 10 lengths behind in SHOW is XpressBet.
The BlackBerry XpressBet App would be around the TVG for a PLACE finish.