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04-03-2014, 12:42 PM
If you are one of the many that pays high taxes

you can benefit from this

get to know a broker that can do this for you
and a charity you like that can accept

then find yourself a cheap stock that happens to
ride the wave often

buy it low and donate** it when it gets on the good side

this allows you to write it off as a charitable donation
and can cut your tax liability bill considerably
if you do your research correctly

like - find a few **sympatico ** << stock
they flow up and down every time the news comes on
for the housing market or oil, or mother natures disasters

ex: you buy at 1.50 sell at 3.00
you have doubled your value

send it to donations and knock back your tax bill

next tip round is long to write so
back after yard work

happy trading :)