View Full Version : Trainer Overlay Profit Method by Dan Pope

03-26-2013, 08:53 PM
I scrounged around my basement and found a system from Dan Pope devised around 2008.
There are several charts where you can break even,20% profit,35% profit
and 50% profit.
You locate the trainers win% and the jockeys win % and cross reference
the chart with an odds number in the box. Ex for a trainer % of 15% .15
in the chart and a jockey win % of 11% you would find the odds of 4.885 from
the break even chart however from the 20% profit chart you would find the
odds to be 6.351.
The horse is a potential play when its actual odds are 14/1 or lower and its
actual odds are = to or higher than the odds found in the chart.
There are screening factors to determine a wager. Good last race right distance right class.
I wonder if anybody with a database could tell me if this is a winner.
I remember going to the track with this method and got very few bets.
I used the 20% profit chart.