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BombsAway Bob
03-19-2013, 12:02 PM
It's the Return of NIGHT SCHOOL... Year 3!
Play the Late Double @Mountaineer with HorsePlayerNow.com!
Live Group Handicapping, From 9:30-10:30PM/et - See You There!
Night School Mobile link:

Mountaineer "After School Special" with LIVE VIDEO
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Immediately following the "Night School" session (8:30-10PM/et),
put your Money Management skills to the test during another
"After Night School Special" from Mountaineer Park (9:30-10:30PM/et).
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BombsAway Bob
03-19-2013, 02:38 PM
9th@Mountaineer~ 6F F&M Clm5000N3L - 3/19/13
Two new shooters & a layoff/dropdown w/Parker riding will be main players.
1) Yacht Fund (10/1ml)- 4YO cuts back 220Y. Was Vet.Scr. 2/20,6th@CT.
Chuck last & dirt efforts are OK. Look for later on stretchout?
2) Starship Patriot (20/1)- One of 3 runners out of 3/1,9th@Mtr. race. May
stick around longer 2nd off layoff, Tri/Super BCS.
3) On My Way Home (15/1)- Speed & Fade in 3/1 heat, goes to Low% jock.
4) Emily's Flyover (12/1)- 4YO adds 110Y & draws better 2nd off a private
purchase. Had legit excuse last(bumped top of stretch). Bomb Possibility.
5) Starship Galactica (5/2ml fave)- Private Purchase steps up, ships in off
Gutty win @Tampa vs.N2L foes. Note: No Local Works on PP's.
6) Sandipat (6/1)- 4YO back off 89 day break w/one 3F work.Watch this.
7) My Chuly (8/1)- 110Y Cutback & return2dirt, scene of Big maiden Win.
Should get ideal stalking trip. Turfway2Mtr.been strong Win angle in 2013.
8) Eurosensation (6/1)- Old Mare in field, 6YO goes 2nd off layoff after a
suck-up 3rd in common 3/1 race. Never out of Tri in 4 local starts.
9) Gold For Sure (10/1)- Two-Time local winner in off-going returns from
Beulah prep for $2,500N3L tag. Pvt.Pchs. from Top Barn tempers support.
10) Lucy's Score (3/1)- 5YO mare shows 2 slow works off 234 day vaca.
Drops Down 67% with Big Beyer Edge in PPs. "Danger,Will Robinson!"
EARLY LOOK: Old-School "WOOLWORTH" Exacta Players get a Chalk Play,
but i'm wary of Lucy on Fire Sale Tag off layoff. Emily's Flyover my longshot
selection off trouble trip in last, with Eurosensation & My Chuly logical Tri/
Super fillers. If inside speed holding, the #2 & #3 may fill Super/Super-Hi-5.

BombsAway Bob
03-19-2013, 04:32 PM
8th@Mountaineer: 5.5F F&M Alw25,300N3L ~ 3/19/13
Three Runners step up off N2L Wins,& 1 eligible for N2L tries N3L instead.
1) Shuttlecock (6/1)- 3YO steps up, adds 220Y,& faces older. Pass.
2) Doll Dreams (6/1)- 88 Day layoffs & two training-center bullet works for
Russian-Owned Stealth missile. Blew Up tote here in slop 2 back. I'm using.
3) Deniro's Dream (4/1)- Ohio Speedball faces older off 122-day respite &
three Beulah works. Bred to LOVE off-going. Faces tough bunch off break.
4) Bloody Smart (3/1 ML fave)- Benefits from solid effort 11 days ago
when facing older for 1st time. May be an underlay at 3/1ml.
5) Please Daddy (10/1)- Race/Layoff/Race/Layoff never strong win angle.
Was dusted last 2 here at this level. I'm not Begging for Daddy here.
6) Punchline Story (8/1)- 5YO broke Maiden on drop 2 back, got shuffled
back in local debut, was moving well Late. Elibgible for N2L,but i'm using.
7) Awow (10/1)- Dull in last @3/1 here after 2 solid efforts @CTown. Note
was Private Purchase after poor try 12/3 locally. Both wins in off-going.
8) Admired (7/2)- Woodard/Hays/Parker + TopLastBeyer = Underlay@Post.
Note 476 (?!) Mud Tomlinson. Goes from $5k N2L Clm. to $25K N3L Alw., a
BIG jump in class, although 2012 races were against Major-League foes.
EARLY LOOK: Bloody Saint looks to clear, but three invaders will try to make
life miserable on front end. Doll & Punchline may get Dream stalking trips.
Admired gets outside post to see who goes, & if AWOW bounces back from
awful effort in last may also benefit if pace gets hot early. i'm 2/6 in P4/DD.
GOOD LUCK to all, & see you at NIGHT SCHOOL!