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  11. Saratoga
  12. Figure this on a computer -- AP 7/14 race #8
  13. Results from our exotic polls
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  15. numbers
  16. What's your longshot?
  17. 133 things that I know about horse racing (fishing for new DB ideas)
  18. What are the worst mistakes a bettor can make?
  19. What metric is considered when determining track level?
  20. Weekend Warriors with their homegrown systems
  21. AP Million to Breeders' Cup
  22. Chart-Based Handicapping
  23. Stats based handicapping vs visual handicapping.
  24. Brisnet Ultimate PP question
  25. formulator (trainer stats) help
  26. Do you bet your handicapping contest picks?
  27. Does the Paper and Pencil handicapper have the edge on BC weekend?
  28. Value that counts in theory
  29. A Nifty Little Method for Nailing Maiden Races at Minor Tracks
  30. Leo's Wagering Method
  31. what would you want to see in a handicapper's exposition?
  32. Maidens -- Quinn style discussion
  33. NW1X Allowance Race
  34. Sacred Cows -- Track Variants and Speed
  35. Generalist vs Specialist
  36. The only one absolute truth toward profitability
  37. Statistical Proof
  38. Brohamer's pace calculations
  39. the Fundamental Theorem of Poker (as it relates to Horse Playing)
  40. Predicting Your Profit (or Loss)
  41. Dave Schwartz Live on Facebook
  42. Creative Engagement
  43. relive your winning streaks here
  44. What's the dumbest mistake you ever made?
  45. Brohamer's pace calculations
  46. what is a Pace figure?
  47. Gp pace
  48. How do you define success?
  49. Hadicapping trainers
  50. Why eliminate outliers?
  51. A question for class handicappers
  52. Betting at a sports book.
  53. What is a SPEED Figure?
  54. Using Outliers
  55. Big A handicapping: Won Great Classic vs Flying Zealous
  56. Accepting not knowing
  57. Shaking off a losing streak
  58. Maybe a silly question...
  59. Just a thought.
  60. Low hanging fruit
  61. Energy Distribution/Energy Expenditure
  63. Leverage in wagering
  64. Proof that if you bet the much stronger half of an uncoupled entry you will score
  65. Divide by Seven
  66. Preferred Wagering Strategy
  67. Making Speed Figs: charts & the value of a beaten length
  68. Alligning Beyer's With Official Handicap
  69. Chasing our losses...
  70. Can this race be excused?
  71. assigning chances to odds
  72. Brisnet international Past Performance question
  73. Noob question about changing leads
  75. Workout of System
  76. Early Speed
  78. what do you look for in racing factor?
  79. Vets List
  80. top 2 contender choices
  81. Needing a New Source for Free PPs
  82. Who's your wheel?
  83. selection service
  84. Reading Quinn
  85. How Do You Determine Class?
  86. First Time Starters...Saratoga
  87. These horses don't seem eligible
  88. comprehensive capper or single shooter?
  89. timeFormUS demo and the MAN O' WAR G1
  90. Are you confused before placing a wager?
  91. Exacta verse place wager
  92. Ragozin Sheets
  93. Personal Log Question
  94. Anyone know of a handicapping site that has ratings for each horse?
  95. Breaking through the gate
  96. Layoffs
  97. How'd you get your start? Any tips for a noob?
  98. Winning Ponies LIVE tonight 8ET/5PT
  99. TFUS challenge -- Arlington Million
  100. Measuring -- How do you do?
  101. Andy Harrington Workout Reports
  102. How do you fall in the zone
  103. decision models
  104. Betting lines from will pays
  105. Winning Poines LIVE Tonight!
  106. Decision fatigue when I bet
  107. What is an overlay?
  108. Racing in todays game
  109. tote-board, does it influence you?
  110. Making your own handicapping system.
  111. Value Wagering and ROI
  112. A Necessary and Sufficient Sample
  113. Brisnet Fractions Results
  114. - This race is wide open...
  115. My favorite tracks to bet on
  116. Changing my wagering attack
  117. Class as Speed
  118. For the thrill of it
  119. Building a portfolio
  120. Computer Handicapping hits Rainbow Pick 6
  121. What will amaze you about a handicapper?
  122. The Basics
  123. Claimed Back
  124. Behavioral Finance
  125. Record Keeping Method
  126. Horse's money box
  127. What do you use to handicap
  128. Handicapping TV show
  129. Projected Pars
  130. Evaluating Big Winners
  131. speed points
  132. Mimicking Whales
  133. How to read the type of race???
  134. cut your time in 1/2
  135. Congrats to Bruno and Brian Lynch
  136. Trainers and Owners
  137. Trackmaster's Power # VS Bris Power #
  138. Structuring Exotic bets, your take/methods
  140. Purse Value
  141. What Statistical number or numbers would you use to measure odd results?
  142. What is the best advice you have been given?
  143. Playing Around With Prime Power Numbers
  144. Advice for a new handicapper
  145. Trip Handicapping
  146. Pace Handicapping
  147. Redundancy
  148. Quick PP question
  149. Winning Ponies LIVE Radio!
  150. looking for the improving horse
  151. Charleton Baker no gate work
  152. first day of handicapping how it went.
  153. Impact Values Again
  154. x factor large heart 2014 what horses in this years derby have??
  155. What elimination rules do you use?
  156. How to get rid of the favourite????????
  157. DRF 5/26/14
  158. What works by Race classification
  159. American Racing
  160. Interesting Article on Prediction
  161. testing
  162. Bull rings
  163. Belmont 6-25 large field key horse finder
  164. Capper Al's hierarchy of handicapping
  165. Condtional Wagers
  166. BRIS Archive Fails
  167. Interesting article on Churchill's takeout increase
  168. Ever used OSOP theory?
  169. Small Sample Size?
  170. 2013 Trainer/jockey data
  171. purse inflation
  172. Circuits
  173. Who's your daddy?
  174. When you have limited info....
  175. How would you reconcile your picks with the tote-board?
  176. Class ratings for Stakes races
  177. Foreign Horse's Purse Amounts in DRF
  178. Will DRF, Timeform, BRIS ever offer PP's for Hong Kong?
  179. why record keeping is a farce
  180. On-Track Observation
  181. probable max losses in a row
  182. Handicapping changes?
  183. odds line
  184. Have "run up distances" made speed figs worthless?
  185. Ladies & Gentlemen:
  186. Bris PP Race 7 Saratoga (8/31)?
  187. HPWS 2015
  188. Second time starter
  189. BRIS speed ratings
  190. Bridgejumpers and Jockeys?
  191. One more factor to put in Machine Learning Analysis
  192. The advantages of making you own numbers
  193. Bet Sizing
  194. What's Dave Schwartz up to?
  195. calculating %L
  196. Biggest trap for Cappers
  197. gulfstream park west opens today
  198. Keeping records for success at different odds, what to use?
  199. 2nd fraction and 2nd call.
  200. Database and Excel Spreadsheets
  201. Stats help.....
  202. Superscreener?
  203. BRIS Ultimate Race Summary
  204. Xpressbet Breeders cup guide {FREE}
  205. DRF formulator question
  206. breeders cup stat needer - sprint
  207. E R Barker 75% return on investment @Aqueduct in 2014!!
  208. BCBC Challenge - Nick Tammaro
  209. Can Show Wagering Lead to Profits?
  210. Pace Scenario Question
  211. TIPS question
  212. STREAK ALERT D Jacobson Claimers hit the board in 13 straight @AQU
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