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  1. Testing Mar 28 (GP)
  2. Excel help -- Import column limitations
  3. Wagering US Races at Foreign Tracks?
  4. J T Ryerson's horses completely dominated the Inner Dirt track @AQU -- Jan to Mar !!!
  5. Primary source of info for handicapping
  6. workouts
  7. J T Ryerson's Maidens have now hit the board 14 straight times on the Dirt @AQU!!
  8. Likes and dislikes of data source
  9. Form and the Second Derivative
  10. A rating system for Trainers @AQU
  11. Days Matter
  12. Chasing the chalk @AQU!!!
  13. S Klesaris Claimers @BEL in 2014 were very profitable - will watch his 2015 Claimers
  14. exotic wager calculator
  15. Bounce Theory: The Most Fallacious Modern Fandicapping Idea
  16. value play from another point of view
  17. What's in a word?
  18. Chasing the chalk @BEL!!!
  19. Exacta vs Exacta box vs quinella
  20. FYI - Multicaps application
  21. How do you measure your handicapping?
  22. The Problem with Morning Lines
  23. Modern day angle players
  24. T A Pletcher quietly doing his thing on Dirt @BEL!!!
  25. Best Bet of the Day
  26. W I Mott doing well on Turf @BEL -- since May 13th!!
  27. What's your plan to win?
  28. How do the Europeans Handicap?
  29. How are horses odds determined
  30. Only 8 horses in Belmont Stakes ?-- did promoters want A. P. to win?
  31. K P McLaughlin's Alw Opt Claimers on Turf -- consistent since 2013 @BEL !!!
  32. Target Betting
  33. General Trifecta Question
  34. J C Englehart's horses showing profit on Dirt @BEL -- 8 in a row have hit the board!!
  35. $1 win wagers
  36. T A Pletcher Maidens hit the board in 5 of their last 5 on Turf @BEL !!! -- so far !!
  37. what if one could figure comparable workout times?
  38. Help in locating a resource
  39. Since Speed is the Long Pole in the Tent
  40. Using e-ponies factors as handicapping tool
  41. Heavily Bet Horses Who Have Don't a Chance.
  42. Paper and Pencil Systems you enjoy
  43. Alert Pace Handicappers and Those to the Contrary:
  44. back from absence
  45. Beyer Pace
  46. The Eddie Read at Del Mar - Selections
  47. The Delaware Handicap - Selections
  48. Strategies for finding Overlays
  49. Ever Notice Horses Don't Work Much @ Mountain?
  51. Intermediate Capper -- Which way to go?
  52. W Mott's Maidens 7 for 7 hitting the board @SAR -- so far for July!!!
  53. Pletcher has 9 of his 11 wins on the Dirt @SAR -- he always starts well then fades!!!
  54. C Clement is 5 for 5 in the money @ 5 1/2 Frlngs @SAR -- so far this season on Turf!!
  55. Introduction and a rookie question
  56. K P McLaughlin giving a nice profit this season @SAR -- especially with J Rosario !!
  57. Beat BRIS Prime Power rating
  58. Visited an Irish Racing Pub
  59. Just wondering
  60. ML Favorites in the money on Turf @SAR -- 5/2's and 7/2's have been profitable!!!
  61. Derbywars?
  62. M L 3/1's giving good profits @Dirt @1 Mile or better @SAR -so far profits are huge!!
  63. Trainers on today's card with positive returns on Dirt @SAR--A W Dutrow on fire!!
  64. A W Dutrow had a great August @SAR -- he was on fire !!!
  65. Morning Line Favorites took a beating at SAR yesterday -- Avg win price $34.80!!!
  66. Trainers w Positive Returns on today's card @Dirt @SAR Aug 7 - Sep 7 -a months view!!
  67. Trakus error in the 5th at GPX 9/3 race 5
  68. Trainers w Positive Returns on today's card @Dirt @SAR Aug 5 - Sep 5 - months view2!!
  69. ML 2/1's @7 Furlongs @Dirt @Bel good profits -- so far!!!
  70. Are contenders more important than selections?
  71. I'll be Dam(ed)
  72. Handicappers Cognitive Bias
  73. Pace is a secondary attribute, but many play it as a primary
  74. What's up with the Capper?
  75. ML 3/1's at BEL giving good profits in Sprints for September -- so far !!!
  76. Trainers On Today's Card @BEL w positive returns since July -- Turf and Dirt!
  77. Trainers On 09-20-15 Card @BEL w positive returns since July -- Turf and Dirt!
  78. W A Ward's Maidens doing well on Turf at Belmont this season -- some decent profits!!
  79. Looking @D A Cannizzo @BEL Trainers on today's Card w positive returns for Sep @Dirt!
  80. Avoided L Gyarmati's horses on Turf at Belmont -- but now must reconsider!!
  81. C Clement as Morning Line 5/2 @Turf @BEL going less than 1 Mile - has been profitable
  82. Morning Line 2/1's had a good September @BEL Turf or Dirt -- win profits were great!!
  83. Trainers on today's card w positive returns since April on a wet surface @BEL !!
  84. Trainers on Saturday's card w positive returns @BEL since April on a wet surface
  85. Morning Line 2/1's having a shaky Oct @BEL Turf or Dirt not as profitable this month
  86. Turn Time
  87. S M Asmussen Mr October on Dirt @BEL -- so far !!!
  88. Which pace lines to choose?
  89. D A Cannizzo leaning toward J Rosario lately @BEL -- so far it's been profitable !!!
  90. Keeneland , Woodbine 10-14-2015
  91. R N Falcone Jr's horses have hit the board in 9 straight @BEL -- since 7-11-15!!!
  92. brisnet ultimate race summary
  93. Morning Line 2/1's @Turf @BEL since Sep -- have won 14 of 28 a 52% return to win!!!
  94. Downgoesfrazier Race 2 @BEL !!!
  95. Claiming system
  96. Breeders' Cup Jockey Trainer Stats
  97. Anatomy of a long shot
  98. C Clement has 3 entered today @Stakes @AQU @Turf -- did exact same thing last Nov!!
  99. $3800 exacta
  100. G Goodwin Maidens @Turf -- sometimes have big payouts watching Emergency Exit today!!
  101. D Jacobson Claimers better returns when less than 1 mile @Dirt @AQU @2015 -- so far!!
  102. R Sedlacek in trouble
  103. Rope A Dope Race 7 @AQU !!
  105. J T Ryerson Mdns may be poised for more streaks @AQU @Dirt -- last season was great!!
  106. Age/Speed chart
  107. Morning Line Favorites* @AQU took a beat down today -- average win price was $19.30!!
  108. The Hunter Warriors
  109. D G Donk's Maidens very profitable on Turf @AQU in November -- so far!!!!
  110. The Age of the Nerds
  111. The Art nd Science of Profiling
  112. Durkin Call
  113. Robotic wagering -- something else bettors have to deal with
  114. Elimination rules vs Pace figs
  115. ML Favorites @AQU took another beating yesterday -- Avg win price $23.80*!!!
  116. J T Ryerson's Maidens on Inner Dirt @AQU -- very profitable last year !!!
  117. Trainers on todays card @AQU w Positive win plc shw returns -- since Dec 9th !!
  118. Who do you like?
  119. S Klesaris' horses on Fire @AQU -- 8 of the last 8 have hit the board!!!
  120. How Complex Should Your Method Be?
  121. L Rice horses on a rampage @AQU -- last 2 days 8 for 8 in the money!!!
  122. Formula Exacta play -- Anyone following?
  123. Happy New Years
  124. G Grant sneaking in huge profits @AQU @Dirt -- since November 2015!!!
  125. Technology vs. Content
  126. First Time Front Bandages
  127. Sneaky Trainers with positive win, place, show returns @Aqu -- so far!!
  128. J Imperio doing very well on Inner Dirt @AQU -- so far!!!
  129. Most Morning Lines are just Wrong
  130. Racing Results data
  131. Uncashed Belmont Stakes Tickets
  132. Long shots or Favorites
  133. Predicteform Free Weekend
  134. L Rice Maidens doing well lately showing great returns this year @AQU-- has 5 today!!
  135. AP Update What He'll Be Doing .....
  136. Understanding Early Pace
  137. DRF Symbols
  138. Is Class Stamina?
  139. G P Gullo has been hot lately @AQU -- 7 of last 9 hit the board since Feb 20th
  140. Scratches and their impact
  141. Preference list question
  142. C F Martin red hot @AQU since Feb 26th -- won 5 of last 6 races!!!
  143. High Tech Handicapping in the Information Age
  144. Trainers @AQU card with positive wn plc shw returns in Mdn Clmng races since Jan 1st
  145. eased and walked off
  146. Is it possible that there are no real speed figs?
  147. As much as I hate D Jacobson --his Claimers in Sprints last year @AQU were great!!
  148. Exotic or straight play?
  149. How do i keep my handicapping in check?
  150. How often do races run to form?
  151. Talking Horses
  152. R Persaud Claimers huge payouts since Thurs @AQU--last 3 Clmrs over $100 @$2 wn pl sh
  153. Using Pace
  154. Where does a horse need to be?
  155. Average Jockey Winning Percentage
  156. For Bragging Rights Derby Contest
  157. Will Nyquist Go Off as the Favorite?
  158. Nyquist and the numbers?
  159. Favorites took a beating at Belmont yesterday -- Avg win price $22.10!!!
  160. WhoBets race track links?
  161. Cool Racing Links
  162. explain logic of betting vertical exotics
  163. Can you explain to a non-thoroughbred player?
  164. Waiver Claiming can anyone explain ?? -- Belmont 1st race
  165. Do a test run
  166. optimal jackpot pick 6 strategy
  167. Adjusting times
  168. It isn't the Big Numbers that make a System
  169. More Weird Stats at Belmont -- 7/2 Morning Lines hit the board in 8 straight on Turf!
  170. Does each public handicapper have a specialty?--are there ways to examine this?
  171. Cannizzo/Rosario combo paying huge profits @Belmont -- so far in 2016!
  172. C J Domino giving ridiculous returns on Turf @Belmont -- two $80 winners so far !!!
  173. Pace View
  174. Do Trainers enter bad horses on purpose? to get a bigger payout on their best horses
  175. R E Nicks horses have hit the board 11 times in a row at Belmont -- since May 12th!!
  176. C Baker has streak of 8 in a row across the board @Belmont -- mostly place and show!
  177. z-pattern
  178. C J Englehart blazing up the track at Belmont -- 6 wins in 12 attempts since June 16!
  179. MTOs in PPs
  180. J T Toscano Jr's horses giving great returns across the board at Bel since June 30th!
  181. Question about Quirin
  182. More strange stats at Saratoga ML 3/1s @1 Mile or better last year
  183. The Mystery of Pace Figures
  184. How to Interpret Pace View?
  185. Talking Horses Saratoga
  186. J C Englehart Claimers doing well at Saratoga!!!
  187. K P McLaughlin not messing around at Saratoga -- 6 of 8 winners so far!!!!
  188. J Servis 6 for 6 in the money at Saratoga -- mostly Claimers !!!
  189. C C Brown, J Castellano, and I Ortiz Jr quite the trio @ Sar -- since July 29th!!
  190. Post position
  191. R Santana and S Asmussen duet @ Saratoga profitable-- so far
  192. Cool Racing Links Aug 2016 Update
  193. Pletcher / Velazquez Mdns at Saratoga worth the effort -- so far at least on the Dirt
  194. Trainers on Today's Saratoga card with positive win, plc shw returns -- since July 31
  195. G Contessa Maidens at Saratoga catching fire -- so far since Aug 10th !!!
  196. Morning line odds-are they real???
  197. J C Englehart and Luis Saez a profitable duo at Saratoga !!!
  198. C C Brown 18 horses today at Saratoga?
  199. What constitutes a good Trainer? -- and why?
  200. C C Brown only 11 today @ Saratoga -- light day!!!
  201. L Rice quietly doing her thing on Turf at Saratoga -- since Aug 22nd !!!
  202. True Trainer Champ @ Saratoga by WPS returns 35 starts or better -- H G Motion!!
  203. Donk & J Ortiz nice duo on the Turf @ Belmont -- sometimes big prices!!!
  204. Wednesday Belmont Race 6
  205. Thursday Belmont R7
  206. Velazquez, Donk's new go to Jockey on Turf at Belmont?
  207. G Sciacca so hard to figure -- at Belmont!!!
  208. R Violette Maidens winning on Dirt at Belmont -- 6 of 12 winners so far!!!
  209. T Oracle, With PA add up to HUGE GAINS Since OCT 2014!!!
  210. C Clement Mdns @ Dirt @ Belmont popping for nice prices lately -- big one on 9/11!!!
  211. Hot Trainers @Turf @Belmont on today's card -- since July 1st 2016!!!
  212. Recasting
  213. Hot Trainers on wet Surface at Belmont -- since April 29th!!!
  214. Trainers on today's Belmont card with positive win, plc, shw returns!!!
  215. P M Serpe great payouts on wet Surface @Bel since 2013 -- digging through the crates!
  216. Rodriguez / I Ortiz combo torching Belmont on Dirt lately -- since Sept 22nd!!!
  218. Second & Thirditis for J T Toscano Jr Claimers @ Turf @ Belmont -- 1 Mile and over!!!
  219. Thursday Belmont
  220. Where do you find old school programs?
  221. C Baker money in the bank @Dirt @Belmont -- since May 1st!!!
  222. J R Velazquez does best in Alw Opt Clm races -- @ Belmont
  223. Trainers on todays card @BEL @Turf @Claiming -- positive wps returns since April 2016
  224. Horses previous odds
  225. Friday Belmont
  226. R R Rodriguez much better on Dirt vs Turf @Bel -- since September!!!
  227. D Jacobson Claimers stronger Belmont 2nd half returns @Dirt -- since 2014
  228. R R Rodriguez November Claimers @Dirt @Aqueduct since 2013 -- some fast starts!!!
  229. True Trainer Champ @ Belmont by WPS returns 45 starts or better -- G Sciacca!!
  230. Aqueduct Main Track from 2015 a deeper dive -- the homework!!!
  231. L Rice 9 in a row In The Money @Turf since Nov 14, 2015 @AQU -- parlay up to $765!!!
  232. Finding spot plays
  233. Can someone explain this DQ @AQU 12-4-2015? -- horse got dq'd but NYRA made payouts
  234. L Rice vs R Rodriguez 14 horses between them @AQU today -- quite the battle!!!
  235. R Rodriguez a study at Aqueduct since November 2016
  236. Aqueduct inner Dirt gems -- part 2
  237. Aqueduct inner Dirt gems -- part 3
  238. Aqueduct inner Dirt gems -- part 4
  239. Aqueduct wet inner Dirt gems -- part 5
  240. Craig's List, Angie's List now AQU Trainers List!!!
  241. L Rice got away from me again @AQU -- Mdns giving positive win place shw returns!!!
  242. Aqueduct inner Dirt gems -- part 6 Rajiv Maragh
  243. R R Rodriguez 8 horses today @AQU -- 8 for 8 across the board today!!!
  244. R R Rodriguez only 6 horses today @AQU -- guess he's slowing down!!!
  245. D Gargan En Fuego in Claiming races since January 20th @AQU -- red hot Claimers @AQU!
  246. R Rod 7 entries today @AQU -- here we go again!!!
  247. Atlantic City, NJ OTB
  248. TSN Data files
  249. ML 5er's unstoppable in Feb @AQU -- 20 of 21 no worst than 2nd!!!
  250. ML 1er's in Maiden Races @AQU 7 straight wins -- 2 entered today!!!