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  1. PTC snags Santa Anita
  2. Player rewards program with video
  3. PTC - File Upload / Dutching question
  4. eHorse Downgraded from B- to D+
  5. Ptc and Evd meet
  6. Welcome Back Sponsor - Premier Turf Club
  7. Tracks under Tracknet Media
  8. I thnk I am done with PTC
  9. Exacta pools mismatch
  10. The Tracknet Dictators Are At It Again
  11. PTC
  12. Improvements You'd LIke To See At PTC
  13. Hollywood not available on TVG?
  14. TVG refunded what was thought to be winning wagers!
  15. Now it's Churchill!
  16. TVG makes good on refunded winning bets!
  17. Which ADWs are taking bets on the Derby?
  18. TVG Cancel Bets Limited to 20 per month
  19. Wagering on Texas tracks from Texas.
  20. Is the fight...
  21. Help Here
  22. Landmark TVG deal with TrackNet -- CD and others
  23. Youbet.com and Firefox Issue
  24. File Upload Feature With PTC?
  25. Frank to unveil online gambling bill
  26. Capital OTB in NY Rebate
  27. Let's Give Ian Meyers The Credit He Deserves
  28. How Trusting Are ADWs?
  29. RacelineBet.com ??
  30. Wagering Online in Arizona
  31. C J's Figures
  32. disappointed in PTC
  33. PTC...
  34. ADWs That Offer Everything
  35. YouBet ROI
  36. No Colonial Downs on Twinspires
  37. Tracknet to get TVG exclusive tracks
  38. Can Betfair put its Stamp on the Game as an ADW?
  39. TVG to handle Woodbine races in U.S.
  40. California Rebates, etc.
  41. Charging customers for deposits ?
  42. HPI-Free video coming
  43. Anyone else notice Youbet's "My RIO" has errors?
  44. Video quality - ease of use
  45. Horseplayersbet.com
  46. Suggestions Needed: ADWs & iPhones
  47. Online Wagering In Nevada
  48. good rebate ADW
  49. YB Advantage Points Restoration
  50. No NYRA video on 4njbets
  51. Racing2day issues
  52. Horseplayersbet.com Promotion
  53. Belmont Live Video NOW Back at HPI(EOM)
  54. Bookmaker/Betmaker
  55. How hard is it to train someone to put money in an account?
  56. premier turf
  57. TVG Loses Patent Suit
  58. TVG insures your money
  59. France To Legalize Internet Betting
  60. BetAmerica Slow to Pay
  61. BETUS
  62. Best sign up bonuses?
  63. Credit Where Credit Is Due
  64. PayPal: Any ADW still take it, or any way to fund using it?
  65. Breeder's Cup Advance Wagering
  66. 4NJBETS Users...
  67. Nice Surprise Today
  68. Churchill Downs Acquires Youbet
  69. Youbet.com, Inc. Board under Investigation!
  70. Bodog
  71. YouBet has Problems with My ROI Reports
  72. At last TVG has annoyed me....
  73. Delay in implementation of UIGEA regulations affecting account wagering!
  74. Bank wary of check deposits, Which ADW's don't indicate gambling on check headers?
  75. Rebate question
  76. Horsemen Seek Involvement in Betfair Deals | BloodHorse.com
  77. Is TD-Ameritrade really ADW?
  78. Nice Rebate Now At PTC For Sam Houston Races
  79. Gulfstream Park and Santa Anita
  80. Which ADW?
  81. TVG-TrackNet dispute could affect bettors!
  82. I Wish More ADW's Would Play Santa Like This
  83. Some Props to Ian Meyers
  84. $100 Free wager no deposit required...
  86. How Does A Free Play Work?
  87. Xpressbet Race Chats
  88. PTC today
  89. New PTC Website
  90. high speed betting -- one can only hope
  91. Twinspires TV
  92. Help me make a decision
  93. Just got a phone call from my ADW
  94. All Horse Racing
  95. Twinspires video and cell phone
  96. How much does your ADW really make off of you?
  97. PTC=Great Service
  98. AmWest Entertainment
  99. NJAW Signals Restored
  100. Wagering from your cell
  101. ADW Rebates
  102. Tailgate Promo For Next 10 New Sign Ups (Free $10)
  103. A little help please
  104. Wagering on Hastings
  105. Coming to a State near you? Ky. House passes account-wagering tax
  106. Premier Turf Club ```````
  107. Youbet 0% Takeout Pick3 Promo at HOU
  108. Cash Back Rewards
  109. Place betting conditional wagering
  110. Az. Wagering - Any Progress ?
  111. Go Horse Betting .com
  112. Anybody else find this odd?
  113. overseas racebooks
  114. Any solution for Choppy video?
  115. YouBet/TwinSpires
  116. See anything Wrong with this picture?
  117. Twinspires TV / Windows 7 problems?
  118. Anybody having trouble w Twinspires Video?
  119. ADW preferences
  120. Totebet.com
  121. Tracknet rebates
  122. Off shore Horse Account
  123. Online gambling out of "Dark Ages" soon?
  124. What the hell happens next Saturday TwinSpires
  125. Streaming Video Question for 4NJBets Players
  126. Churchill settles antitrust claims against horsemen group
  127. NYRA Rewards on-track funding
  128. Xpressbet
  129. Twinspires a absolute disaster
  130. Twin Spires down for Maintenaince??? Are you KIDDING???
  131. attention attention
  132. Semi-constructive Twinspires criticism
  133. Results! Twin Spires Players Pool for Derby Day.
  134. Amtote error on May 1st
  135. TS Withdrawal
  136. Premier Turf Club Proves I'm A Rebate Slut: I'm So Ashamed!
  137. youbet system down?
  138. Will Twinspires blow it again Preak Day?
  139. WTF No Pimlico Video on 4njbets?
  140. TVG/HRTV Accountability
  141. Industry Positives
  142. Monmouth Park
  143. Should NYRA Rewards account be emptied???
  144. tote board updates
  145. Another "great" day on 4njbets.
  146. Belmont Stakes Day Players' Pool (Twin Spires)
  147. Twin Spires - free BRIS data files?
  148. Penn National cuts off credit cards
  149. UBET merger
  150. Compubet.com
  152. NTRA has shredded the evidence
  153. So what do you want in an ADW?
  154. Premier turf club review/info wanted
  155. is Twinspires down for everybody else?
  156. What the H*ll is up with PTC
  157. Something Twinspires could improve on
  158. Youbet-Twinspires; will they ever be the same
  159. You're kidding right? Legal confusion over Internet horse race wagering
  160. Amtote....
  161. ck post time odds
  162. ubet merger
  163. Visa/MC no more
  164. Question re online wagering From NJ
  165. ADW "Games People Play" Part 1
  166. A Query
  167. Heads Up - Twin Spires Problems
  168. What effect will this have in USA?
  169. Dime Super
  170. What's the deal with ADW Fee Caps? ADW Fee Cap Impacting Illinois Racing
  171. Link 2 Bet?
  172. Current opinions on ADWs?
  173. Onlineracing.tv - Any opinions?
  174. BetAmerica
  175. Twinspires TV Down?
  176. Betfair SP for US
  177. Visa Debit deposits ?
  178. Up to $100 Free Bet for PA fans at Totebet.com
  179. Twinspires
  180. Arizona residents and ADWs
  181. ADW licensing could approach $30,000 per outlet in Kentucky
  182. Bank of Quinella
  183. YouBet program showing purses down to the cents...Why bother?
  184. Not-for-profits consider launch of account wagering site - Thoroughbred Times
  185. Twin Spires Password
  186. Youbet accounts to be transferred to Twinspires
  187. Looking for Live Operators, Late Hours & Good Rewards
  188. Xpressbet Pro
  189. are these fees normal
  190. Premier Turf Club Adding Video
  191. Need some very good advice-ADW
  192. new place to bet
  193. Would an ADW "steal" winning bets?
  195. Twinspires Classic
  196. Hialeah ADW's
  197. Best ADW
  198. Using a smart phone to bet at an ADW
  199. Look out for those late "driver changes" posted by TwinSpires for Delta tonight
  200. Twinspires yesterday
  201. twin spires/ no Tampa
  202. TwinSpires
  203. Twinspires suggestions
  204. Quinella Double = Superfecta?
  205. PTC Updates
  206. DRF ADW?
  207. Now who is the best ADW? I need one now.
  208. Twinspires now offers Tampa
  209. DRF bets ...powered by xpressbet ??
  210. 7% Cash Back on all Straight Bets*
  211. Video costs?
  212. HAW unavailable on TwinSpires?
  213. Aqueduct
  214. NYRA video now available to NY residents on TS/Xpressbet
  215. HRTV question
  216. Twinspires Los Alamito's Race 4 1/2/11 did you wager on it?
  217. New ADW Developed by Players for Players
  218. That just about settles it, TS
  219. NYRA video feed on NJBets
  220. Scratched horse wins Pha R5
  221. I hate being handcuffed by NJ
  222. Meydan not avalible on TS?
  223. Tracks with HD streaming video
  224. Twin Spires Customer Service Piss Poor
  225. Wager uploads question
  226. What Do I Need To Do To Get Your Business?
  227. Where Can I Place My Bets?
  228. ADW List
  229. No sound at TuP on TS??
  230. Bris/Twinspires
  231. massachusetts residents
  232. ADW with rebates for Mexican resident/citizen
  233. Twinspires Express
  234. Twinspires Silver Rewards
  235. Ian's Back!!!
  236. Source One / America's ADW Mobile Wagering
  237. free pp's @ xpressbet
  239. Overseas Race-books Help
  240. Is The Betfair Business Model Broken
  241. 6.5% REBATE ON SHOW (2.10) WAGERS
  242. GP video not working on TVG.com
  243. THANK YOU Anderon
  244. ADW wants Harness Racing Fans
  245. America's ADW
  246. iBETHARNESS offers $50.00 to try us out no deposit required
  247. iBETHARNESS offers 3% bonus rewards at Woodbine for the Month of March
  248. Questions on ADW wagers
  249. The "Beefs" Never End! DRF versus CDI!
  250. TwinSpires MoneyPak Promo