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  1. My PTC experience...
  2. Horseplayers: A Very Important Story For All
  3. Horsemen Won't OK Churchill ADW Signal
  4. Santa Anita ADW handles up sharply
  5. THG to negotiate for Ohio horsemen
  6. In light of the mess, Calder has raised takeouts
  7. THG Clarifies Derby-Oaks ADW Proposal
  8. What about our 1/3 piece of the pie?
  9. Evangeline pulled from TVG?
  10. Churchill Suing Horsemen's Group
  11. Youbet CEO "Resigns"
  12. Churchill Sues Horsemen
  13. What the **** is with the horsemen at Calder
  14. Churchill Downs, Inc. - the ultimate hypocrite
  15. Hollywood Park
  16. Derby Trial scratched from Churchill betting site
  17. Are These THG Folks Affecting Simulcasts?
  18. Calder Cancels Today
  19. Could this business be any more dysfunctional?
  20. Churchill-Twin Spires
  21. Any sense on if this CD wagering will be resolved?
  22. Evans does it again
  23. New Bloodhorse Article On ADW situation
  24. Ellis Park goes non-exclusive from Tracknet
  25. NY Mandates Independent Betting Monitor
  26. Copy of CDI lawsuit
  27. So where do you bet CD undercard?
  28. Another country heard from...NY OTBs vs. ADWs
  29. State of the Industry
  30. I've Decided....
  31. Why Doesn't Anybody Go to the Horse Races?
  32. Churchill Stock Down - Do I actually have to visit the track to bet the Derby?!!
  33. first adw casualty today
  34. Bet the Derby
  35. CDI's "statement" on TwinSpires "Issues"
  36. TVG sale possible
  37. How can they save TVG/HRTV?
  38. Youbet has to pay for NY OTB Screwup
  39. TVG first-quarter wagering soars to record
  40. No Presque Isle on ADW's as of 5/10
  41. Why Tracknet is in big trouble
  42. twin spires and express bets
  43. 2006 offshore law
  44. Track Roll Call
  45. Best Online Betting Service
  46. Ian step in, heres your chance
  47. startup cost of new ADW
  48. Louisiana Downs Next?
  49. New And Improved Lawsuit
  50. Premier Turf Club - Web Services
  51. Is California Lookng at a New Delivery Mechanism?
  52. Florida simulcasting for Friday/Saturday Pimlico cards
  53. No ADWs for Louisiana Downs
  54. Interesting...Emerald Downs now on Twinspires
  55. CHRB to the rescue this week?
  56. Precursor of more deals to come?
  57. CD, Lone Star, Etc
  58. Twinspires
  59. Interesting 2004 Discussion On Takeout, Whales, etc
  60. Twinspires now has conditional wagering!
  61. The Tracknet Strategy
  62. Twinspires menu? Pimlico Simulcast?
  63. UBET a buy??
  64. PTC Signs Deal with LA HBPA
  65. New ADW Player
  66. Bettors Speak Out on 'Signal Wars'
  67. Free PP's at Youbet now
  68. Question regarding ADWS, River Downs and Presque Isle Downs
  69. PTC now offering 10% Sign-Up Bonus for new customers
  70. Kentucky Horsemen File Response
  71. Horsemen counterclaims CDI for purse monies
  72. Open access
  73. So it's come down to this
  74. Nevada rumors?
  75. Twinspires TV
  76. PTC and the TOC
  77. BloodHorse Story on NYCOTB
  78. ADW supplied video threatened?
  79. All Stakes' P6 Pays $48 at Churchill
  80. NYCOTB Deal agreed on tonight!
  81. TVG: Do Not Change Anything Petition
  82. Sam Houston's Fate
  83. Premier Turf Club
  84. Evans on his way out
  86. TVG and Del Mar
  87. Interesting Article Regarding ADWS
  88. EVD on PTC?
  89. Calling Ian Meyers
  90. Twin Spires -- what time is it?
  91. Calder Signs "Deal"
  92. "War Games" - does it apply?
  93. Ellis Deal. Bad Precedent
  94. Summit of Speed & TwinSpires
  95. Racetracks Fire Back in ADW Conflict
  96. PTC Has Ellis Park On Their Betting Menu
  97. dear NYRA
  98. TVG and Tracknet hold the keys
  99. Optimistic on the ADW-THG front
  100. Most ADWs Can Take Del Mar Bets Now
  101. ADW's for Pinnacle
  102. Del Mar Wagering ...
  103. Anyone ever get a response from Drew Cuoto
  104. A good ADW internet site for a newbie?
  105. a good summary of the ADW issues?
  106. Wagering Getting Crushed
  107. DMR v SAR - is there an opportunity here?
  108. The Racing Industry never ceases to amaze
  109. What Makes It So Difficult To Get The NYRA Signal?
  110. Louisianna & Twinspires
  111. offshore -- transfers
  112. PTC - A Couple of Items of Interest
  113. highest rebates
  114. Purses being cut ... Notso Good !!!
  115. Youbet is down
  116. States to require certification of off-shore wagering outlets
  117. Youbet and TVG to partner?
  118. Consensus on current best phone/web-OTB?
  119. ADW options for automatic computer betting
  120. Have the Maryland horsemen approved ADW's taking Laurel?
  121. Grand jury examining horse group
  122. If you owned TVG
  123. TVG Revenue down for quarter ...
  125. off shores
  126. Several ADWs Increase Handle in Oregon
  127. Takeout Increase Under Attack in NY
  128. TOC ending exclusivity after Oak Tree
  129. Server problems at PTC today?
  130. The Fight Begins
  131. Fair Grounds Quarter Horse Meet on ADW's?
  132. Illinois Residents
  133. Dumb ADW Question
  134. Betting down at DelMar
  135. nyra one ?
  136. CDI: Horsemen's Actions are Price-Fixing
  137. Magna and CDI seem estranged now
  138. If PTC Holds Another Handicapping Contest
  139. Del Mar Handle down
  140. Despite Deal, Ellis Sees Handle Drop
  141. Turfway horsemen agree to TVG exclusivity
  142. Exclusivity going away in CA?
  143. Breeder's Cup
  144. No GG on YouBet
  145. Hollywood Park And California Horsemen In Dispute
  146. Ky. Seeks to Block Online Gaming Sites
  147. Twinspires sets min.$$ bet for video feed
  148. Twin Spires Touch Tone wagering
  149. Hawthorne Park Gets It Re ADW Access
  150. Judge Rules for Ohio HBPA in Lawsuit
  152. Monmouth Park Meet Saved By ADWS
  153. Breeders Cup Best Bet...4NJbets.Com Crashing
  154. Takeout too high. Too many race dates. Yada. Yada.
  155. Drew Couto opens door on ADW signals
  156. Ah, Customer Service...
  157. PTC Keeneland Fall Meet
  158. PTC Will Carry 2008 Breeders Cup Races
  159. Numbers Down for Turfway Fall Meet
  160. Arc de Triomphe.......
  161. TVG Network on the block
  162. Twinspires: Customer Service Positive Experience
  163. Bodog Santa Anita rebate promotion
  164. Bodog Or Any Other Place Thar Carries Ohio Races??
  165. TOC,Hollywood Agreement Doesn't include ADW Host Fees
  166. Joe Riddell: The Interview
  167. Relationship between Handle Growth and Rebating?
  168. Betting CRC
  169. Churchill signal deal near?
  170. ACH - Just In Time for the BC
  171. Beulah Park signal back on for ADW's?
  172. Support Delta Downs
  173. mission unaccomplished
  174. good Dick Armey article in CNET
  175. California tracks and Churchill
  176. An open letter to all participants in the signal wars
  177. NY OTBs handle down
  178. An open letter to all participants in the signal wars, Part II
  179. Jeff and HANA on Bloodhorse
  180. Fair Grounds
  181. CDI - Do they really care about THG, etc?
  182. TVG Sold?
  183. Could the Horsemen buy there own ADW?
  184. Hawthorne
  185. MECA
  186. How are the ADW disputes affecting you?
  187. Unbiased ADW (Advanced Deposit Wagering) reviews
  188. Thanks for your replies Dean T, and Tom Barrister, as for facorsig…
  189. PTC and INSTADEBIT option
  190. Player's Lament on Bloodhorse.com
  191. Chinks in the THG Armour?: Fair Grounds Deal
  192. CHRB Pushes for Action in ADW Standoff
  193. Tracknet gets approval in Texas
  194. Hollywood Park
  195. Hollywood, Golden Gate back on Twinspires
  196. 160-Plus Race Dates Lost in Ohio Carnage
  197. Twinspires.com contest crashes
  199. Foolish buffoons at Ohio HBPA
  200. YouBet! receives new line of credit
  201. BetPad account transferred to TwinSpires
  202. Pinnacle-No More North American Horse Wagers Accepted?
  203. Dinosaur at Best
  204. Calder Cancels Three Graded Stakes
  205. why choosePTC
  206. Online wagering excursion...
  207. Hinsdale Fallout - Beyer/Riddell comments
  208. twin spires down?
  209. Florida HPBA: Agreements Reached on ADW
  210. ExpressBet is to offer 2% cash rebates on Magna Tracks
  211. Gulfstream and Calder back on Youbet; TVG is still a ???
  212. Laurel Park back on Youbet as of January 1
  213. No Aqueduct on TVG for New Years Day?
  214. cold trifecta's
  215. BetAmerica a good ADW?
  216. Tracknet Poised To Cut Off Nevada
  217. Statement of use by You bet.com
  218. Youbet website enhancements
  219. New Adw Rules For New Hampshire
  220. premier turf club does it again
  221. Did PTC Lose Some Tracks?
  222. once more PTC
  223. Betfair buys TVG for $50MM in cash
  224. Xpressbet to pull plug on RacingUS
  225. Don't Do Business with Chase
  226. PTC aagain
  227. premier turf club is slipping today
  228. Twinspires Kentucky Derby Tickets question
  229. Can't bet Oaklawn
  230. Sounds Like TrackNet learned from THG
  231. Has anyone heard from Ian
  232. Two charged with felonies in IRG probe
  233. California poised to change rebate stance
  234. Caveats with features at PTC
  235. Magna bankruptcy
  236. ADW handles soaring in Q1
  237. Youbet Conditional Betting
  238. What ADWs do you use?
  239. Twinspires seems to have gone down
  240. New CEO at PTC
  241. Keeneland and ADW access and TV coverage
  242. NEW & IMPROVED: What ADW(s) do you use?
  243. Best racebook for initial deposit bonus?
  244. How many ADWs do you use?
  245. Big Four' Post Mixed Oregon ADW Numbers
  246. Expansion of international racing menu by Youbet
  247. Fargo/BetFastNOW.com
  249. Keeneland Opens Signal for Wagering - TVG still has broadcast exclusive
  250. PTC seems to be down ???