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  1. Racing Bills pass in the New Jersey State Senate Committee
  2. Were the Pharoahs Zenyatta fans?
  3. Three questions
  4. Halsey Minor makes bid for MI Developments properties; Promises infusion of technolog
  5. Alan Shuback seems like a chill bro
  6. If Zenyatta lost theClement Hirsch last year...
  7. Racing boss stops move to close Laurel Park
  8. Colonial Downs Insults VA Bettors
  9. BC Poly Runners
  10. 2011 dates: GG and SA approved but...
  11. Castellano Granted Stay of Suspension
  12. Winning Players Robbed, Breeders Cup Edition
  13. Borel to be honored as Horseman of the Year
  14. Blatant Bias? What a Surprise! Trevor Denman tried to root Zenyatta home
  15. about the NY horse (and the lake) called Gitchee Goomie
  16. Aqu race 5 #7
  17. Beware HPI TV/ Woodbine Customers
  18. Who will be the Horses to watch in 2011
  19. Dirt - it's fair and balanced
  20. NJ Racing...as I posted last month
  21. Steven Crist: A Fair and Balanced Cup
  23. Bossert blames Z loss on schedule - I disagree
  24. Do You Need Any More Proof?
  25. What if they held a Stakes race and nobody came
  26. Keeping up with the Joneses: J. Larry to return
  27. Breeder's Cup Week Photos
  28. $ 35,000 Stud Fee, for Blame
  29. Ragozin Insider: Figures show Zenyatta, Blame in dead heat
  30. "Triple Pick 6" ??
  31. Congratulations Turf Paradise Stewards
  33. Twinspires gets a Big F- on the first try.
  34. Empire Maker
  35. Bill Finley: Governor has formed an alliance
  36. Alex Solis
  37. Verrazano-Narrows Bridge action
  38. Lauburu
  39. Maureen Dowd writes on Zenyatta????
  40. The Railbird Brothers sing: You've lost that BC Classic
  41. Are Betting Exchanges and Offshore Bookmakers to Blame? British Racing In Crisis
  42. Comparison of Records (+ those of opponents)
  43. Thoro-Graph President Answers Critics of "Dirt Racing" in the United States
  45. Buddy's Saint
  46. Where is Jockey Martin Garcia
  47. Classic kick back
  48. Cal Neva Handicapping Tournament
  49. Ray Paulick: Horseplayers just don't get it. California had to raise the takeout.
  50. Beyer on Lord of Misrule
  51. Meadowlands critcally endangered, sulkies could come to Monmouth
  52. Your Favorite Horse Racing Movie?
  53. Dialed In At Churchill
  54. Has Paulick Jumped the Shark? Is His Article a Paid Advertisement?
  55. Australian race clubs ask for synthetic track
  56. Will Philly Park(PARX) last much longer?
  57. Who's the best horse this century so far?
  58. Randy Moss and Jerry Bailey Talk Life At Ten
  59. Halsey Minor Contact Information
  60. TVG- Simulcast Tuesday's
  61. Goldikova = Cartier HOY
  62. Famous Feuds: Pricci versus Byk, Crist, TLG, et al. More HOY Controversy
  63. Human's devotion to and for their champions, limitless.
  64. Who is the best talk radio?, list on thread.
  65. How would Secretariats Legacy differ if he won the Belmont by 1 length?
  66. Cangamble to Ray Paulick: How much CHRB flavored Kool-Aid did you drink?
  67. Zenyatta retired
  68. Youbet Free Video Gone
  69. Have you ever lent money at the race track to a so called friend and got BURNED?
  70. Who is a racing degenerate like me
  71. Was Lookin At Lucky sold?
  73. Gulfstream analysts: Nicoletti and Pacheco
  74. Shocker - The Pamplemousse retired
  75. Blame's Trainer Al Stall, Jr. on Tonight's Radio Show!
  76. An excellent article on the state of racing in NJ.
  77. Whats the most degenerate thing you've ever seen done at the track?
  78. Jerry Bossert on Zenyatta
  79. What decade was horse racing the most popular?
  80. Claiborne backlash strikes sour note. What about Blame?
  81. Lookin At Lucky sold and retired
  82. Secretariat...shows stamina in theaters
  83. Greatest 'moment' in thoroughbred announcing.
  84. Attention Twinspires play-Windows 7 64 bit-
  85. Who are the older horses to watch in 2011?
  86. Places in my mind that dont exist anymore
  87. Would Zenyatta have won the JCGC?
  88. Rachel's retirement???
  89. Lezcano
  90. Broken Jaw for Calvin Borel
  91. To Youbet Customers and Twinspires Customers
  92. Who was the 2YO that overcame a horrible break?
  93. Zenyatta: All time great female?
  94. Michael Gill, Anthony Adamo Sue Over Penn National Ejections
  95. Starter Fees for Owners-$1200.00-California
  96. Russell Baze is the best jockey.
  97. Favorites poised to sweep all 8 at Hollywood.
  98. Woodbine outrider -good or bad -todays 7th race
  99. Rosie Napravnik
  100. More challenges for NYRA and Genting?
  101. The Symposium on Racing and Gaming. No Horseplayers Allowed?
  102. Phew....Oaklawn Tickets...Finally
  103. less proved to be more
  104. 2008 Horse of the year. Peppers Pride?
  105. Famous Feuds: Doug O'Neill versus Kristin Mulhall........ and maybe Ray Paulick
  106. Christmas present for an absent friend
  107. Doug O'Neil-true scumbag
  109. A Wild Ride
  110. Juan Carlos "the magician" Guerrero strikes again!
  111. bad beats
  112. go for 2: Portland Meadows jocks to compete
  113. D'WILD RIDE
  114. Zenyatta should be Horse of the Year
  115. Asmussen to Send Best Horses West
  116. One more time
  117. Gio Ponti going for Dubai World Cup (2011)
  118. Committee overseeing KTDF channels Spinal Tap
  119. Speightful Affair/ awful ride Dominguez .
  120. Haynesfield in Sat - with a new rider???
  121. Mike Repole - Mo Responsibility for Owners. Q & A
  122. Pricci: An Apology to All HRI Readers
  123. Thoro-Times Best of 2010 Poll
  125. How is the Gazelle still a Grade 1
  126. Bart Evans and the state of California racing
  127. Are you playing the races today? Thanksgiving
  128. Jeremy Plonk talkin Turkeys in Horse Racing this Year. Who's the Turkey?
  129. New career for Sweetnorthernsaint
  130. Error in Wager Pad at TS on Express link -11/25/10
  131. Go Tena Go, Hollywood Park, Race 6 (nov 25)
  132. Horse Cross-Entered at AQU and CD
  133. Horse Racing Humor
  134. Mullins
  135. Typical NYRA
  136. River downs sold to pinnacle
  137. Should Horse racing get money from internet gambling?
  138. BRIS down
  139. When is Lisa's Booby Trap going to run again?
  140. Anyone bet the 4th at FG today?
  141. Frankel's racing family struggles on its own
  142. “He’s too much of a freak for me,” Talamo said. “He can bench 270"
  143. Take this poll after Saturday's Plays Please
  144. Joel Rosario weight????
  145. Do tellers have to pay out of pocket for mistakes?
  146. To Honor and Serve
  147. Big A. Fans Rejoice
  148. How Bad is Hollywood Park
  149. 3-day suspensions for Clark jockeys
  150. Do you have any weird rituals when watching a race?
  151. Horrible accident at the Big A
  152. Q Speed Ratings
  153. Gulfstream Takeout Question
  154. Race 8 today at Charlestown......
  155. Aqueduct Inner Track Meet Tips
  156. The Belmont
  157. Funny Beyer Quote from Picking Winners
  158. 29 starts 18 wins 5 seconds 3 thirds
  159. Stupid claiming trainers?
  160. Did anyone else find it shocking?
  161. MJC Plan Rejected; Laurel, Pimlico in Limbo
  162. NYCOTB May Shut Down
  163. 12% Takeout too Low? Some Simulcast Outlets Refuse to take Wagers!
  164. Last call to see the big mare.
  166. "What’s the future of The Blood-Horse?”
  167. First Down Dash
  168. Can low takeout bring a track back to glory?
  169. Another victim of laminitus...
  170. Stan Bergstein: who paid Sports Complex's bills?
  171. trainer Frank Passero passes
  172. New SA dirt track to open for training
  173. HOY voters, lend me your ear. Pssst, its Zenyatta.
  174. I could watch this all day...
  175. Ireland's Abandoned Horses Facing Starvation
  176. Betfair is Betting That it can Revitalize California Racing
  177. Aqueduct Cxl Due to Heavy Rain & Wind
  178. Horse Photos
  179. The DRF Historical Archives at the Keeneland Library
  180. NYRA to Offer Free Bus Service to Aqueduct from Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens
  181. John White Rates Zenyatta #18 of All Time. Ruffian Best Female Thoroughbred
  182. Racing in CA will make a huge comeback now!
  183. Wow! Frank Monteleone, Pending Criminal Charges, and the Failure of the CHRB.
  184. Hollywood cancels Wednesdays
  185. 2011 Graded Stakes: All Hail the BC
  186. Brownie Points
  187. National Turf Writers Association Broadens Membership. Adds Professional Broadcasters
  188. Hialeah's 12% Takeout: Is There A Conspiracy To Make It Fail?
  189. Will any of the Zenyatta farewell be on TVG or anything?
  190. Bettin'& Tweetin'- A Perfect Pair!
  191. Wish more could get these memorials.
  192. Paulick report makeover
  193. The Library is Closed - DRF Handled Like Porn
  194. Any info on Proviso
  195. World's Richest Dirt Races Lack Appeal
  196. Work Out Cam at Santa Anita’s?
  197. Tampa Bay Downs-Being Creative!!!
  198. Hialeah handle tracker
  199. Hollywood Park stewards vs Churchill stewards
  200. Protect US racing?
  201. Aqueduct yesterday
  202. HOY Criteria article
  203. Unusually unfair situation regarding Conso Pick 3s
  204. Roger Stein Show - Does anyone listen to his radio show?
  205. Zenyatta's curtain call at HOL today
  206. Plonk: Pointing the finger back at the horsemen
  207. revenge thoughts on closure of Club Med
  208. Barry Irwin: Alex Waldrop and the NTRA Aren't Doing Enough for Horse Racing.
  209. christmas wish
  210. podcasts
  211. 2010 HOTY - the Mosses went "all-in", and lost
  212. Enough already...wait...no one has complained.
  213. TB for sale, so cheap it's like saving him...
  214. Betting line on 2010 HOTY
  215. PaceAdvantage.com Official 2010 Horse of the Year Thread
  216. Tampa Lowers Take - Again
  217. Which Racing Publications/News Outlets ask tough questions on behalf of Horseplayers?
  218. Horse Racing Keeps Eye on Internet Poker Bill. Elimination of the withholding tax???
  219. Tiznow trivia question
  220. 2020 foresight: (Evans) Racing Must Downsize
  221. Classic R.J.
  222. NY OTB Bill does not pass
  223. Santa Anita's Dirt Track
  224. Who's Going to Pay?
  225. Optimism @ Monmouth Park
  226. NYRA Video Not Available Online
  227. NYCOTB Handle: Where Does it Go?
  228. Date cuts possible in NY
  229. Stauffer steps away from role as agent
  230. Gov. Christie vetoes NJSEA racing schedules
  231. Consultant in '07 Predicted Windfall with Meadowlands Slots
  232. Stooper Jesus Leonardo and Company Forced to Stoop Elsewhere
  233. California Screamin'--Issues Get Airing Out........ Possible Boycott?
  234. BEU Trainer Juan Aguirre
  235. Bettors Rapidly Closing NYCOTB Accounts
  236. Farallon injured in Hollywood Park's 3rd race.
  238. West Virginia doesn't have state mandated pre-race exams. Neither does Oklahoma.
  239. Your Favorite Regional Stallions?
  240. 2011 Belmont Spring sked
  241. History of NYCOTB
  242. Anyone here following Turfway Park?
  243. So Far So Good
  244. AQU first race. (Gate Malfunction)
  245. Santa Anita, will you play, are you coming Back to Cal Racing or play some where else
  246. Betfair pays less on a percentage basis incl the exchange and yet has access to TAM
  247. Hall of Fame Trainer Mack Miller Dies
  248. Bill Christine: Marketing Horse Racing and Insulting Senior Citizens.
  249. Winchester in Hong Kong race
  250. Help me decide